SUN BLOCKER  is a formulation based on kaolin, Boron, Manganese and Zinc with a cosmetic action specific for apples. Thanks
to its high kaolin content, which reflects solar rays, SUN BLOCKER improves the aspect of productions, prevents fruits rust and burnings
and improve brightness of hepidermis. SUN BLOCKER has a strong nutritional action due to the high content of Boron, Manganese
and Zinc.

Product with cosmetic action based on kaolinand microelements.

  • Prevents fruits rust
  • Improves fruits aspect
  • Prevents burns



Citrus, Pomegranate: It is applied in 500gr/ 100Lt dose with 10-15 days in July and August, when the temperature is high

Apple, Pear: During periods when the humidity is high in July and August when the temperature is high, it is recommended to take 7-10 days at 500gr / 100Lt dose

Packages: 2,5 kg. , 5 kg.


Water Soluble Boron  (B)  % 4
Water Soluble Manganese  (Mn)  % 0,5
Water Soluble Zinc  (Zn)  % 0,5
 pH  6-7