Proway Cu is liquid organically chelated copper which can be applied for all types of soil under any conditions. It could be received easily and completely by the leaves and roots of the plant. Apart from the other benefits of the Proway Cu for plants, it has two purposes of use: to make plant resistant against diseases and to accelerate the photosynthesis.

When Proway Cu is used especially against bacterial and fungus diseases, it is received and carried very quickly through leaves and roots. It takes its systemic effects on each part that it is applied. While Proway Cu protects the plant against diseases, it also provides the copper requirement of the plant. Copper encourages the formation of the chlorophyll and accelerates the photosynthesis process. Copper deficiency lead to slow down of photosynthesis activity and due to this reason all physiological elements are affected adversely.


Proway Cu Foliar (applied through the leaves)

Tomatoes, Potatoes, Pepper, Aubergine, Pumpkin, Cucumber, Bean: 100 cc./100 lt. during the beginning period and 150 cc/100 lt during the fruit period.

Citrus Tress, Vineyards and Olives: 200 cc.-250 cc./100 lt during the vegetative development period.

Apple, Pear and Cherry: 100 cc. -150 cc / 100 lt as of the harvest until the fall of the leaves.

Peach, Apricot and Plum: 150 cc. /100 after the pollination through the leaves according to the requirement, 250 cc. /100 lt after the harvest through the leaves.

Leafed vegetables: apply 2 – 3 times in the amount of 80 cc. – 100 cc. /100 lt after planting if necessary.

Miscibility: We advise product to be used on its own and if used with a mixture please consult our company.

Packages: 1 lt, 5 lt, 10 lt, 20 lt.


Water soluble copper  (Cu)  % 3
Density  1,25