The series of Phosway has been developed in order to meet the nutrition requirement of various plants. The main feature of this group of product is the fact that it contains phosphor which could be received from cell membranes, leaves and roots in an easy and fast way and which quickly spreads through the system of the plant. An increase in productivity has been aimed in this way in result of a better development, a better blossoming and a better pollination period by providing an efficient nutrition balance in the structure of the plant. Phosway has an expanding effect on conducting tissues. Thus, the conduction of the nutriments are realised in a more efficient way.

Phosway is a liquid leaf fertilizer which contains nitrogen, phosphor, potassium and micro elements. In different cultures, it can also be used in the development, blossom, fruit setting and ripening periods. As it contains phosphor, potassium and trace elements, it helps side organs of the plant such as fruit, seed and root to grow.  It increases the quality of the product (colour, taste, smell, endurance) as the quantity of starch, fat and sucrose enhances. Phosway serves for two purposes in the system of the plant. When it is applied either from the root or the upside of the plant, it is received and carried very quickly by the plant. At the same time, it accelerates the receipt of the other nutriments from the soil. Phosway enables this by expanding conducting tissues and accelerating electrons (water and nutrition) conduction. In this way, plants can receive other nutriments more easily. The photosynthesis process is realised in a more quickly and health way. As a result of this, the formation and development of leaves, flowers, fruits and roots accelerate.

When Phosway is received into the system of the plan, it triggers its defending system and increases its resistant against diseases. It is highly significant that in addition to the fact that Phosway contains phosphate ions and it gives phosphor to the mixture, it acts as a fungicide against fungal diseases such as Phytophtora, Bremia and Peronospora. Further, Phosway is a very good source of phosphor. It increases the probability of pollination when it is applied before and during the blossom period by enabling flowers to blossom in a more healthy way. As result; Phosway has an effect to enliven the plant and to increase productivity and quality.


It is applied by spraying through the leaf in the amount of 200 cc. – 350 cc for 100 litres of water or 1 – 1,5 litres for one decare with dripping irrigation method for all types of plants. A 0.25% solution is prepared during the root dip deviation process and the roots are dipped (Please, consult our company before applying.)

Fruit Trees: A %6 solution is prepared and applied by brushing on the body of the plant, by spraying on leaves or releasing water.

Citrus Trees: A %6 solution is prepared twice in spring, once in autumn and applied by brushing on the body of the plant.

Strawberry: It is applied in the periods of planting, vegetative development, fruit and growing perionds either through the leaves or dripping irrigation. The roots can be dipped if necessary.

Watermelon, melon, tomatoes, lettuce, aubergine, pepper: It can be applied during the pre-blossom and fruit growth period.

Potatoes: It should be applied twice in a fortnight as of the 5-leafed period.

Vineyards: It could be applied as of the grapes bunch period until the colour change 3 or 4 times.

Miscibility: It could be mixed with all types of agricultural drugs and fertilizers apart from the ones which show reaction to copper, sulphur and alkaline. However, a pre-miscibility test in tiny amounts is advised to carry out before applying.

Packages: 1 lt, 5 lt, 10 lt, 20 lt

Nitrate Ammonia Urea P205 K20 MgO Cu B Mn Zn pH Density
Phosway PK 35 23 4-5 1,49
Phosway Mn-Zn 3 30 5 5 1,41
Phosway Zn 3 33 10 1,42
Phosway Mn 3 30 7 1,36
Phosway Cu 11 22 4 1,32
Phosway B 1,3 1,7 20 3 1,43
Phosway Mg 3 27 7 1,33