NUTRIGROW PZn, is enriched by Nitric Acid, and a product that, obtained by synthesis process in acidic environment,based on Zinc-Amonium Phosphate. Especially, in early period, in cold and limy soils, meets the need of Zinc and Phosphor of plants,and gives the best solutions for your products.Supports the germination of seeds,and root growing,develops the plant by this way. And also, provides the necessary energy for the biochemical activity within the plant.Acts as catalyst,in the synthesis of a kind of Amyno Acid , Zinc – tryptophan, by the help of this process; regulates the growth as a natural oxime. Accelerates the growth of exciles, also helps the healty and regular flowering.



In all plants, after planting or vegetative development starting, up to end of fruit attitude, 2,5 lt-5 lt / decares. According to analysis results, if there is a lack in soil or plant, 2,5 lt-5 lt/decares can be apllicated.

Packages 1 Lt , 5 Lt , 10 Lt, 20 Lt


Total Nitrogen  (N)  % 3
 Nitrate Nitrogen  (N)  % 1,6
 Ammoniacal Nitrogen  (N)  % 1,4
Water Soluble Phosphorus Pentaoxide  (P2O5)  % 30
Water Soluble Zinc  (Zn)  % 7
Density  1,5
 pH  0,2-0,5