The series of MAXWAY is liquid, acid featured fertilizers that we have developed for dripping irrigation method. It suits for all types of soil especially for the types of soil, ph and salinity levels of which are high. As the formulants that we developed are consistent with other NPKs and, the trace elements are calcium and manganese based, it can be applied during the whole season according to the phenological periods of the plant.

As it contains specific mixing and chelating substances; it solves the elements which are tied to soil and activates them. In this way it increases the productivity of the soil. The dosage of the Maxway to be applied in 15-20% is lower than the other NPK fertilizers.   It provides excellent results as its ph level is highly low and it contains mixing and chelating substances.

It is easy to use. It is put into dipping irrigation system directly without dissolving in water. It is received in maximum level thanks to stable solution. It erases the problems stemming from the anomalies of bicarbonates and ph in water and soil. It does not leave residues in the laterals of the dripping water systems.


It is applied in the amount of 2,5 – 5 lt /decare until the harvest as of the planting and vegetative development period for all types of plants. The choice of the formulants should be made according to the phenological period and the requirement of the plant.

Packages: 5 lt, 10 lt, 20lt


Nitrate Nitrogen Ammonia Urea P2O5 K2O Zn MgO CaO pH Density
Maxway N  8  8,5  13,5  5-6  1,29
Maxway N Green  8  7  1-2  1,22
Maxway N Yellow  2  9  4  6-7  1,27
Maxway P  3  40  1-2  1,35
Maxway K  25  6-7  1,44
Maxway 7-7-7  3  2  2  7  7  2-3  1,22
Maxway OMG   13  3-4  1,28
Maxway Cal  13  2-3  1,24
Maxway Optical  9  2  4  5-6  1,34