At our production facility, we produce more than 50 types of specific fertilizers in different groups according to your requirements with our 25-year experience. In this developing and changing agriculture sector; our dynamic, experienced and constantly self-renewing company has become a huge brand by coming to the fore through the quality of the products that it produces and the knowledge and experience it possesses.

The New Solutions in Agriculture

We have brought a good deal of authentic and quality products into the agriculture sector since the day that we were established by realising useful productions for our country, our land and our people. 25 years that passed by communing with agriculture charged a responsibility on us to bring a new viewpoint to agriculture; authentic and various solutions to production and an advance dimension to the sector. Our modern production facility enables to carry out this responsibility with the guarantee of Growway quality product, our experienced technical team and our common web of quality service and sale.

Our technical team who works under the roof of Growway and who is expert in their field; and our AR-GE department who act with a constant renewal and development philosophy provide the absolute success of our products and they make this success permanent. Our Growway patented products which is able to provide solutions for agricultural production throughout different regions of our country in different types of lands and climate conditions have adopted by our franchises and producers, and they have been accepted as an indispensable factor of the production.

The principles that Growway could not make any concessions are quality and renovation. In line with these principles we are happy to provide service for our country and the world with our modern facility, experienced technical team, institutional structure, wide sale web and our motto “the new solutions in agriculture”.